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The Frank Moore Experience, The Pain Factory, 1996

1996 Pain Factory TV Cable show, San Francisco, CA June 30, 1996

From Frank, Wednesday, June 26, 1996:
That’s right, this Sunday you in San Fran can turn on THE PAIN FACTORY at 8:00 PM on CITY VISI ONS CHANNEL 53 and see a 90-minute live happening that they are calling LIVE MANIFESTATIONS OF VISUAL EXORCISMS featuring GLASS CRASH,  SCOTT ARFORD, and  something they are calling THE FRANK MOORE EXPERIENCE.

Frank's write-up, Wednesday, July 03, 1996:
Now for the t.v. show…THE PAIN FACTORY is Michael Contreras’ baby. I can’t say enough about Michael…he is one of those hard-working visionaries who put everything into making the 90-minute over-the-edge show. And he had a great crew….except one asshole, the sound guy, who screwed us all…or tried to…but failed because  everybody just jammed  together! Sound [and lighting] people can be either sweethearts or assholes. The assholes usually have a thing about crips singing [I rarely run into crip discrimination in real life…except sound assholes!]

The 13 of us showed up 2 hours [or more] before the show to set up, make-up, prepare…and to do a sound check. After the band had set up, the guy told me we would do the check during the 20 minute video before our live set. I took him at his word…not knowing he was a lying asshole. So when the tape was on, we got in position…

Now we had a great mix of people in a wide-range…from beginning  musicians to professional music artists…from a 21  year old to a 59 year old. There was:
    my son Ki-Lin Reese on lead guitar
    Kenneth Atchley on noise guitar
    Barb Golden and Corey Nicholl on keyboards
    Dave  Mihaly and Debi Bevilacqua on drums
    me doing vocals
    Beatriz  Ferrer as a sexy  photographer
    Linda Mac as the evil woman dressed only in black net
    Peter McCarron and Alexi Malenky as the nude monsters

So there we are on stage, waiting for our sound check…asshole chatting in the corner, while LaBash is  waiting to balance the sound with him…the floor manager starts counting down…I figured  there will be no sound check…we are on the air but we can’t hear our tape. We start jamming. My mike ain’t on…LaBash ran into the control room and Michael C. grabbed the controls. Midway through the set, my mike came alive.

Meanwhile the band was jamming up a storm. Linda had her monsters attack Debi, drag her off the stage, rip her  open, and eat her insides. I would have liked to see more of her body, but the monsters couldn’t rip off her dress because they were fighting back from puking from the ragu and pig guts [just puke, but get the dress ripped off!] Then…as Debi, Linda, and the monsters danced together in the gore…Michael C. kept extending the jam until the end of the show…the band was that good!

And everybody knew who the asshole was! But in the end, art won out!

Btw, on his next show, Michael C. is running my tape of a nude human hot fudge sundae!

Video courtesy of The Pain Factory and Channel 53 CityVisions.

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Norcal Noisefest 2004 [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band, recorded September 25, 2004 at the Norcal Noisefest, Sacramento, California

This is a case of where the audience loved what we did, but the promoter was so freaked out and offended both by the naked eroticism and by the actual music.  We were not asked back!  The reason given was we were not NOISE!  funny, I have been playing with noise musicians since the mid eighties.  In fact this is when I met Steve Davis and his band +DOG+, establishing a long term musical relationship and friendship.  So...

Norcal Noisefest 2004 [ON-STAGE CAMERA]:

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Frank Moore’s Archives to the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

Raw footage by Keith Wilson.

What we wrote the day this footage was shot, September 29, 2017:

Keith Wilson came over this morning and filmed Mikee and I loading the first of Frank's archives into the car! The three of us drove to Bancroft Library, Keith filming the trip as we talked. It is amazing and a little unreal, but we made the delivery! Steven Black, our contact from the beginning, and the Head of Acquisitions, came out with a cart while Keith filmed the whole thing. We signed the DEED OF GIFT on the spot. One of our favorite lines is:

“The Materials will be physically stabilized and preserved by The Bancroft Library. The Materials will be placed and maintained in non-damaging containers and stored in facilities that provide appropriate temperature and humidity control and security ...” Wow!

Frank and I (Linda Mac) used to hang out in The Bancroft Library in the 1980s. Steven said, Frank is back here now.

The first delivery today for the Frank Moore Collection included 3 boxes of paper materials (performance scripts, typewritten manuscripts, books, pamphlets, Frank's presidential paraphernalia, etc.), 7 boxes of DVDs in custom packaging (over 300 of Frank's videos) and a hard drive with over 800 of Frank's videos, plus documentation in the form of print outs for the videos. We will continue to add things to this collection as we prepare them. All of this stuff will be available at the Bancroft Library on the campus of U.C. Berkeley.

Linda & Mikee

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pam Kay Walker - Frank Moore’s Shaman’s Den

Artist, actress, author of the book, "Moving Over the Edge, Artists with Disabilities Take the Leap".
Recorded March 9, 2006.
More episodes at the Frank Moore's Shaman's Den Channel:

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Featured Reader: Whole Note Series

Recorded January 25, 2005
The Beanery, Oakland, California
The poems:
"I Came To Play”
“That Goddam Weed Of Life”
“Locked In, Locked Out”
“Falling Into Skin”
“Is This Appropriate?”
“Boundaries Kill”

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Union Of Erotic Passions [AUDIENCE CAMERA]

Cherry Lounge, San Francisco, California, September 5, 2004

Well, this gig got us blacklisted from the San Francisco punk scene.  It was apparently that hot!  See for yourself! 

Below is what I wrote at the time:

Apparently there was a controversy around our appearance. On RAMPAGE RADIO (the hard core all-night show hosted by Dirty Dave, Boom, and Bob) on KUSF early Sunday morning a "management" guy from CHERRY said "Frank Moore will not be nude at THE CHERRY" ... or some such nonsense. The fates prevented me from knowing about this until we got there ... LUVeR couldn't carry the show because their stream was down ... then Bob couldn't reach us to warn us because our phone was out. So I enter the club not loaded for bear. Hey, when Boom booked us, he told the lesbian owner what we do, and she said it was all cool. So I'm not clear about the power dynamics. But, although everyone was nice, there was a definite vibe that the whole hard core scene (not just us) were freaks from the wrong side of the tracks. Hey, we "queered the place," to use a term that our lesbian neighbor is fond of ... it was a night of TRANSFORMATIVE TRANGRESSION!

All through the night Bob kept muttering about what happened on RAMPAGE...but he always mutters like Popeye. So it wasn't until in the set of FLUFF GRRL(YMAN) ... which was their most powerful set I have seen ... that Bob in/as a song outlined what happened ... and that he bets that they wouldn't be able to stop Frank Moore! So what choice did I have?

When I had my clothes off, Boom gave us the official NO-NUDITY word ... that absurd duty over with, Boom half-jokingly (or was it quarter-jokingly?) said "well, no penetration then!" To that, Anne Madigan asked if that meant that she couldn't stick her finger in my ear. And I don't know if Bob's sucking / blowing my cock as a flute violated this no-penetration rule. Bob didn't do much of that Sunday night. He said that was because my balls were sweaty. That has never stopped him before! It was the first FLUFF GRRL gig I've seen that Bob didn't drop his pants and set fire to his pubes. Was it because of the threatened limiting vibes? I don't know. Did the nude explicit sweaty orgasmic rubbing rocking erotic dance Linda and I did together violate the no-penetration rule? I won't tell! That's what the slow motion and zoom buttons on your player are for! But a lot of what we do in bars is breaking actual laws covering venues serving liquor.and not just penetration. Of course in the 30+ years that we have been "transgressing" in clubs, there has not been a single raid, etc. (DARN!) But the club should be committed to the risky art presented. I talked to Boom tonight.and he assured me that CHERRY wants the scene there and has no problem with what we did. Notwithstanding what I wrote above. I hope he's right!

I started the set singing alone on the floor I AM WOMAN. Hey, CHERRY was supposed to be a lesbian bar. Then Bob did the skin flute on me as the rest of the band took their positions. I heard a real flute. It wasn't Bob, but Erika in an open robe. She was prevented from erotic dancing by an evil case of poison oak. Only half of the band, numbering 15 members, could fit on the stage. So the other half spilled on to the floor on either side of me. After Bob had his way with me, I turned around to face toward the band, creating a communal ritual circle. Musically and erotically it got sweaty fast, people playing off, feeding off, of one another, changing instruments, doing vocals, becoming a molten musical mass. We had all of FLUFF GRRL plus Anne, the bass player and the lead singer of Violent Discharge (the second band of the night) who poured blood on me! Andy brought his Sousaphone and his guitarist friend Joel to be in the stew. Topless Dr. Gruve blew himself and his harp into one giant sweat bead trance of bliss, followed close behind by the madman Michael Peppe.

Things kept being melting down to bluesy intimate touch moan exchange for about an hour. It was the deepest into the musical unknown we have ventured into in our jamming.


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